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We are licensed naturopathic and integrative Ayurvedic doctors in Albuquerque, New Mexico, striving to bring balance and health through Ayurvedic medicine practices.

About Healing Arts of Veda


I was born in India and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My father, Dr. Vasant Lad raised us in an Ayurvedic household. Watching my father practice an integrated form of medicine in India, I had a deep appreciation for Ayurveda along with contemporary medicine.

At a young age, I would learn about the Vedic culture along with proper diet and lifestyle choices to live a balanced life.

My father encouraged us to pursue learning medicine in an integrated form. He knows how to bridge the gap between modern medicine and Ayurveda from many years of practice in Indian hospitals.

I graduated from medical school and I chose to pursue academic medicine. In academic medicine, I would help medical students pass board exams. Helping medical students was a satisfying job, but my heart was always in practicing an integrated form of clinical medicine. I then decided to join a Naturopathic medical school and as a Naturopath, I am able to integrate many different modalities into my practice.

After I completed my training in a Naturopathic school, I wanted to increase the depth of my knowledge of Ayurveda, so I moved back to Albuquerque New Mexico to work for my father.

For the last five years, I was helping to teach at my father’s Ayurvedic school. It was an honor teaching several classes such as Pathophysiology, and Sanskrit along with clinical physical exam skills. I also learned so much from my father about Ayurveda through our daily conversations. Again, I did feel the satisfaction of teaching, but my heart still wanted to practice an integrated form of medicine.

To follow the wishes of my heart, I have launched my own practice, which I call Healing Arts of Veda. I want to share the knowledge and skills that I have learned not only from my father but also from the different medical schools that I have attended.

General Clinic of New Mexico

Do you prefer to pay out-of-pocket for basic care?

Do you currently not have medical insurance?

We are committed to serving the basic healthcare needs of our community that do not have insurance. Our Naturopathic general clinic is founded on the principles of affordable care for adult clients. Our practice can manage your general prescription meds and their refills along with giving you options of natural alternatives and lifestyle changes.

We have served many clients around the US through our online practice of Healing Arts of Veda. We are now bringing the care of a licensed Naturopathic Doctor to our community in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA.

General healthcare | Prescription management |
Natural supplements to reduce and replace prescription
medications | Insurance-free basic care

About Healing Arts of Veda

What we do

At Healing Arts of Veda, we use alternative modalities to support modern medicine by removing the obstruction to cure and help clients reduce the dose of their medications. We investigate the root cause of a condition, eliminate impediments, enhance healing, and support the body through proper diet and supplements. We also provide carefully curated Ayurvedic formulas composed of organic ingredients to encourage natural healing without using artificial medicines. Being qualified and licensed Naturopathic Practitioners and having expertise in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda gives our business a unique perspective on bringing balance between modern medicine and alternative medicine.


Our naturopathic and integrative Ayurvedic experts at Healing Arts of Veda in New Mexico help individuals live a better and healthier life.

Herbal Medicine

We provide our Albuquerque patients a wide range of Ayurvedic formulas made and naturopathic medicine to support and encourage natural healing.

Natural Management of Chronic Conditions

Dealing with long-term medical conditions can take a toll on your daily life. Our Ayurvedic medicine experts in Albuquerque can help you.



We provide a broad spectrum of Ayurvedic solutions composed mainly of natural and organic herbs. Our formulas are a perfect blend of contemporary and alternative medicine that aim to heal your mind and body and prevent long-term chronic conditions.

Get your Individual Herbal Mixture prepared by calling 505-934-3068 and talking to Aparna regarding your formula



We provide a broad spectrum of Ayurvedic solutions composed mainly of natural and organic herbs. Our formulas are a perfect blend of contemporary and alternative medicine based on Ayurveda that aim to heal your mind and body and prevent long-term chronic conditions.

Call 505-934-3068 to talk to Aparna regarding your formula and get your custom herbal mixture in New Mexico.

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Give us a Call

Please get in touch with our consultants with Integrated, naturopathic and Ayurvedic expertise if you have any questions or concerns about our products and services.

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Healthy Life

Our Secret to a Healthy Life

Healing Arts of Veda comprises Ayurvedic healers in Albuquerque who aspire to educate and help our clients on their road to better and balanced well-being by bridging the many healing modalities.

However, we do not advertise a magic pill that will cure all of your problems. Instead, we encourage you to adopt a healthy lifestyle that eliminates barriers to healing and supports the body via the right nutrition and supplementation.


Healthy Diet

Maintaining a healthy diet should be everyone’s first step when seeking enhanced wellbeing. What you eat greatly determines how your body and mind process.


Healthy Lifestyle

Small changes to your lifestyle, for instance, regulating a healthy sleep schedule, doing proper exercise for your body type or simply eating at the right hour, can truly help synchronize your mind and body.


Ayurvedic Herbs

Our Ayurvedic herb formulas are used as alternative modalities, supported by modern medicine to remove any obstructions to cure and help your body and mind heal.