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Ayurveda Science and the Healing Property of the Golden Spice, Turmeric

The foundations of Ayurveda are based on thousands of years upon the science of life balance, food, spices, and herbs. Ayurveda Science teaches you how changes in your lifestyle by adopting new habits can greatly improve your health conditions and overall wellbeing as an individual. Turmeric is one of the important spices regarded as the “yellow magical herb” or the “golden spice” because of its astonishing effects on health. You will find that turmeric is part of 70% of the human body ailments in the Vedic culture, which is why it is also known as the “herb of the sun”. In the history of socio-religious Vedic practices, you can explore several benefits of this spice documented at least 6000 years ago. As a believer of Sanskrit, you won’t be surprised to know that turmeric is documented as Haridra due to its exceptional medicinal properties. If you are new to Ayurveda science, let’s explore the use of turmeric, its benefits, and its properties:

Healing Properties of Turmeric

You can achieve the health benefits of turmeric by knowing its properties. Ayurveda revealed the medicinal properties of this magical spice in the scriptures thousands of years ago. The properties and uses of turmeric vary with its varieties, including wild-grown turmeric. Antidiabetic and Anthelmintic Properties of this spice have been known for 4000 years. The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric help you against joint pain and rheumatic complaints.

Use of Turmeric

One of the important properties of turmeric is that it balances your Pitta, which is the energy of digestion, water, fire, and transformation in the body. But, if you consume too much turmeric it may result in an imbalance and dryness in your body. You can use turmeric in root or powder form. It is an anti-allergic spice used in different combinations. One of the herbal remedies for skin diseases, hives, allergies, and Pitta disorders is a jam prepared with different Ayurveda herbs and turmeric, known as Haridrakhanda. To get glowing skin, you can use turmeric as a sandal paste or powder. It’s beneficial to use this paste to prevent or reduce facial hair growth in women. It can brighten skin tone and heal wounds. If you want to improve your complexion, remove hairs, or cure imparting skin color, turmeric remedies can be beneficial. Turmeric helps you manage diabetes and is beneficial for worm infestation when consumed with jaggery. Due to its anti-inflammatory action and hot potency, it’s used for treating joint inflammation.

Healing from Chronic Diseases

If you face any health concerns related to respiratory infections or diseases, turmeric can be used as an alternative drug. However, you should avoid overdoing turmeric as it can lead to congestion and coughing. For upper respiratory infections, turmeric works as a superfood. You can fight the diseases of body organs and blood by consuming a little dose of turmeric with milk, juice, water, or tea daily.