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What is Marma Therapy and what are some of the benefits of this therapy?

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Ayurvedic practices are older than 5000 years and Marma therapy is one of them. It is based on the mind, body, and spirit healing by opening your energy channels via vulnerable points in your body. You can heal your body by harnessing the energies through these points. Chinese acupuncture is also influenced by Marma therapy as the Chinese believed in freeing the energy in the Marma points. Let’s understand Marma Therapy and explore its important benefits:

What is Marma Therapy?

This therapy is based on vulnerable points known as Marma points. These points provide access to the seven centers or chakras in your body where the energy flows. These points are 107 in number and found where joints, bones, muscles, ligaments, and veins meet. If any of these points are injured it can cause fatal conditions, disease, or disability. Marma therapy can help boost your blood circulation and relieve stiffness in muscles by affecting the Marma points with subtle energy.

You can start self-treatment by getting proper training and practicing with sensitive hands from a Marma teacher. You will experience immediate relaxation and healing effects when you start the treatment with this therapy. The rejuvenation and healing benefits of the therapy can be achieved with a more profound touch on marma points. Self-treatment is as effective as treating others with Marma therapy.


Marma Therapy helps detoxify your body. You will experience a sense of relief and relaxation in your body as your system detoxifies. With regular therapy, you will notice an improvement in your digestion level as your organs start to heal. Marma therapy has a direct effect on your skin and it will make it look glowing and healthier. You will feel healthier and happier because it is a self-healing and self-care practice.

Once you master this therapy and perform it regularly, you will benefit your psychological, respiratory, neural, immunity, and digestive systems. You will experience a positive change in your consciousness and awareness, which can benefit your personal and professional life and help you create a perfect balance. Therapy affects the temperature of your body and balances it. Your body needs to release serotonin and melatonin neurochemicals for better sleep and mental abilities.

With mental clarity, you can perform your daily activities much better, enhancing your performance at work, productivity, and even your relationships. The therapy gives you new life energy that increases your level of creativity. With improved cognitive abilities, you can control your sensory and motor organs better. Thus, you have complete control over your mind and body.

Marma therapy is a very old Ayurvedic practice known for its health and well-being benefits. You can learn it from a Marma teacher for self-care or get therapy from a professional Marma therapist. From little benefits like relaxation and good quality sleep to big health changes like restoring your body organs and systems, this 5000-year-old therapy has a lot to give you even in this century.