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What are some Aуurvеdiс diet habits to live a healthier life?

If you want your health and wellbeing, there are many diets to follow but Aуurvеdiс lifestyle is one of the oldest ways to achieve these benefits. Let’s explore this way of living:

Eat Seasonal, Local, and Fresh

Ayurvedic diets are based on locally produced fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet is based on eating seasonal products. So, you need to get your groceries from the local farmer’s market. According to the teachings of Ayurveda, the food that travels to reach its destination is not fresh. It has already lost its nutrients. Your body cannot digest and nourish food that is not in season or not acclimated to where you reside. This ultimately has a negative impact on your health if you regularly consume canned food, non-seasonal, and non-local food. Some common problems dues to not eating local and seasonal are indigestion, constipation, skin problems, and allergies.

When can you Eat

Just like what you eat matters, when you eat is also important. You cannot eat a very healthy locally produced seasonal food at a time when your body is tired and has no digestion fire. Most lifestyle diseases are the result of eating at the wrong time. So what is the right time to eat? The right time to eat is when you feel hungry. If you are suffering from a lifestyle disease, you will notice, many times, you eat when you want to eat rather than when you need to.

In tune with the Natural Cycle

Ayurvedic teachings say that your body and its systems are in-tuned with nature. When you wake up early and start your first meal of the day early as 5 am you cultivate the right internal environment for your body. Similarly, sleeping early is essential to get quality sleep, which is impossible if your stomach is full. It is best to finish your last meal of the day 3 hours before bed. You should eat light in the morning to light the fire gently and have a medium-sized lunch and dinner. It is never appreciated to eat a lot at one time in the Ayurvedic lifestyle.

Don’t Fill Your Stomach

It is an important Ayurvedic diet habit to fill your stomach to the point where it has no space to breathe. It is recommended to eat in such a way that one third remains empty, one third with water, and one third with food. In this way, your body can easily digest as it has enough room left.

Food Choices and Compatibility

Some foods aren’t compatible with others such as; dairy and salad, milk and fish, fruits and yogurt, etc and it can create imbalances including indigestion, loss of digestive fire, and other health problems,. Eating seasonal and local also saves you from making odd food combinations that lead to serious health issues.

Knowing the above diet habits of the Ayurvedic lifestyle, you now know it is aligned with nature and climate. The more you get closer to a natural way of living, the closer you will be to the Ayurvedic diet and become healthier. Early to bed and early to rise is something  we all know from childhood. You may also know the impact of eating non-local food on your farmers and climate isn’t good. The lifestyle disorders and diseases have accelerated due to food consumption without hunger, overeating, increase in non-local and non-season consumption, eating late at night, and having odd combinations of food and we must avoid this to lead a healthy life.